Organic Pesticides



Phyta-Guard® Natural Organic Pesticides are designed for Maximum Efficiency. Each product is formulated using the highest quality and highest analysis ingredients available. Each product is made using specific ingredients for effective results. Phyta-Guard® products are a unique blend of natural compounds with pesticidal activity.
Phyta-Guard® stands unique in that there are no hazardous or toxic materials used during production. Our formulations and production processes ensure that there are no materials present that are toxic to humans.

Easy Application

Phyta-Guard® Natural Pesticides are formulated to mix easily with water or spray oils. Due to the addition of activated plant oils, Phyta-Guard® products are very easy and safe to apply. In fact, no pesticide use reports are necessary!

Phyta-Guard® products are formulated for easy application using all types of conventional pesticide applicators. Phyta-Guard® products are even safe for home use.


* These products are listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic production.

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