Lawn & Garden Natural Fertilizers

Phyta-Boost Organic Fertilizers are specially manufactured for landscape, horticulture, and nurseries. The organic protein nitrogen is utilized by all types of plants to develop and maintain a healthy root system with abundant root hairs that give the plants and turf greater ability to utilize nutrients and moisture in the soil as well as greater resistance to all forms of stress, from drought to wear-and-tear.

While many organic products are slow acting, Phyta-Boost products are fast acting as well as long lasting. Since the organic materials used feeds the soil as well as the plant, fewer applications are needed and the amount of nitrogen required to keep plants growing and looking good is often about one third the amount required with synthetic fertilizers.

Phyta-Boost products can be applied with the seed since they are free of phyto-toxic salts that can burn and retard germination: in fact, the organic protein nitrogen improves germination and establishment.

Manufactured from the finest raw materials, Phyta-Boost products contain no manure so they are free from obnoxious odors, and the production process ensures they are free from pathogens.
There are three particle sizes to fit all landscape and horticultural applications: Pelleted, Turf Grade, and Greens Grade.