BioSecure Fertilizers

Food Safety & BioSecure®

California Organic Fertilizers operates under a third party-designed Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program. All of our personnel are trained on this plan by a third party certifier and tested for their knowledge before being issued a certificate.

Throughout each stage of our manufacturing process we test temperature, measure moisture levels, check pH levels, and follow the HACCP plan. We test every production run for pathogens in 24 ton lots. We track every raw material by lot number and have the ability to issue a recall for all product produced with any raw material within a three hour time frame (although we have never actually had a recall).

Even with a HACCP program in place and even with rigorous testing, our management felt that we needed to do more. We began running inoculation challenges using a microbiological lab and achieved our goal when the results came back: product deliberately contaminated with E. coli 0157:H7, Listeria, EHEC, and Salmonella was found free of pathogens 24 hours later. We named this proprietary process BioSecure®.

The Benefits

• BioSecure® is toxic to pathogens, but has no negative impact on beneficial soil microbes and organisms.
• Biosecure® is compliant with all National Organic Product rules.
• BioSecure® guarantees that pathogen contamination that takes place during transport, application or storage will not survive in the fertilizer.
• BioSecure® is the best available technology for food safety in organic input materials today.

BioSecure Brochure (pdf)