Organic Liquid Fertilizers



Phytamin® Natural Organic Fertilizers are designed for Maximum Efficiency. Each product is formulated using the highest quality and highest analysis ingredients available. Each product is made using specific ingredients to provide the most effective availability of required nutrients for the crop situation. Phytamin® products are a unique blend of bio-available Nitrogen and Phosphorus with various minerals and high microbial active compounds.

Phytamin® stands unique in that there is no raw manure, or raw plant materials used during production. Our formulations and production processes ensure that there are no human or plant pathogens present.


Easy Application

Phytamin® Natural Fertilizers are manufactured to specific standards. Phytamin® application is safe through most types of irrigation equipment including drip tape and aluminum pipe.

IMPORTANT:  Mix Phytamin® products well before using. Do not add water unless all material will be used within 2 hours. Adding water lowers the density and causes product ingredients to separate. Do not store in direct sunlight or inside hot storage areas. Do not mix Phytamin® products directly with other products unless a compatibility test is conducted.